5 Best Gifts For Newborns Under 2000 Rs.


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Choosing gifts for someone is always a Herculean task, but when you get to know about the arrival of new baby in family or friend-circle, then you can never go with empty hands doesn’t look nice but sometimes you have to look in your pockets for the budget. So here we have a checklist of 5 amazing and pocket-friendly gifts for the little-one.

Bedding Set

The first thing that comes in mind while talking about a baby is his/her pretty sleepy face and we take great efforts to make the naps more comfortable and skin-friendly as well as we want to give the baby the warmth and peace. So gifting a bedding-set which includes a slim-mattress, extra-soft pillows and few toys and with lots of colours.

Musical Toys

The child loves soothing, peaceful and light music that helps him/her to stay pacified and sleep peacefully. Buying little musical toys that can be hung on the pram or the hammock will be a great idea. It won’t cost you much and will be liked by everyone.


Parents love to play with the toddler and to tell the stories. So to make the tiny baby stories more fun and playful you can buy a set of colourful, soft not made of plastic hand-puppets that will help parents to play with their infant more joyfully and excitingly.

Baby-Care Kit

Those tiny hands, feet and soft body demands for extra care and doctors prescribe for extra attention. So you can buy a baby’s skin care kit that contains shampoo, baby oil, soap and other essential and that won’t let you worry about your budget.

Baby Carrier

After delivery, moms and sometimes dads find it difficult to carry the baby and walk. Their back hurts and for new-moms it is harmful to stand all day long with baby in their arms so gifting a baby-carrier will be useful for the parents as well as for the babies too.