5 Best “Work at Home Jobs” in India


Hi ladies,

In India, girls are still fighting for equality.While some stratas of society have been moving ahead with time some are still holding on to the conventional thinking. India has abundance of talented youth especially girls, their parents provide them with the best education but when it comes to opting a job the conventional thoughts step in. Some women won’t be able to continue their work after marriage while some unmarried girls feel clipped to their parents’ decisions. So here I have come with the 5 best home based jobs in India that you can do without stepping out of your home and you work according to your available time-slots and schedule.

#1. Freelance Writer

Writing your heart out is the best remedy for us to express our emotions and perspective, but if you are really good with your words, you can join freelance writing job. Many Indian as well as Foreign companies hire freelance writers to write website contents, social media content, product descriptions, educational essays and articles, blog and the list continues. Freelancers are paid well based on their writing skills, their experience and sense of framing the content that attracts users/traffic to their sites and blogs. So, you must explore various job portals, and apply with your sample write-ups.

#2 Web Designer/Developers

In this world of technology, people are moving towards online marketing to reach out the global markets and for this they consult web developers to develop their websites, some are indulged in making iOS applications and playstore apps. So if you have done some course which can be utilised in this field then you must go for it. If you are not that much technical you can become designer who designs logo for people according to their products and sites. These designs then can be made on computers by web designers.

#3 SEO Manager

An SEO manager basically manages the search engines. He/she analyses the site, explore the trends and people’s tendency to search a keyword, then he/she suggests suitable titles for articles and contents and tells about the things that can improve the sites’ ranking.

#4 Online/Offline Tutor

Offline/Online teaching can never go out of trend because parents’ search for the best teachers for their wards no matter if they are living in some other country. Online teaching has changed the world of teaching in the present era. Now you can sit at home open your computer and laptop and take tuition classes. Offline teaching is a great idea if you are living in an area where network connection is weak.

#5 Language Trainer/Translator

If you have done your education in your regional language and possess a good command over your native language then you can become a language trainer for the foreigners who wish to learn your language. Sometimes the students who migrate from other states face difficulty in education due to their unfamiliarity with the local language and then you can come as a miracle for them. Except that you can work as a translator where you can write subtitles of the videos, short films and educational lectures. Transcriber is another choice in the same field where you transcribe the audios into texts.

Ladies, God helps those who help themselves. Sitting at home and cursing your fate won’t help you. Get up explore the net and job portals,prepare an impressive resume and change the direction of your life. All the best.