5 Most Common Interview Questions for Freshers With Smart Answers


Being a fresher and looking for a good start of career by securing a good job, Interview is a very nerve wracking experience. Hiring process is time confusing because it plays vital role in determining the eligibility of a candidate. Many times, very talented candidates miss the opportunity just because they fail to answer the tricky questions asked by recruiters. Here we are sharing some frequently asked Interview questions and their smart answers which can help you to clear the initial screening process of Interview.

  1. Brief me about yourself?

Answer- This is the ice breaking question in interview and it starts the  another questions as per your answer. Answer it in simple way-start from your name,then family, education and hobbies. Do not boast about yourself.

  1. What make you interested for this Job?

Answer-  Answer of this question can judge your keenness and exploring nature. Don’t answer if you just came as there was an opening. You can say that objective and mission of this company matches with my interest and this job is very relevant as per my qualification so I am keenly looking forward to work in your organization.

  1. What makes you different from other candidates and suitable for this job?

Answer- You need to answer this question without an impression of being arrogant. Highlight your strengths and your  product knowledge.

  1. If you have to be an animal, which one would you like to be ??

Answer- By this question interviewer check your psychological knowledge.Animals like rabbit, mouse and cat will leave a soft personality impression. Tiger, Leopard and Lion a fierce and aggressive  personality impression. So choose your answer smartly.

  1. What salary do you expect ?

Answer-  Simple question but your answer can decide the feedback. Don’t overprice yourself.Being a fresher prioritize your job first and than salary. Answer diplomatically, take an idea of minimum and maximum range and leave the salary negotiation in future.You can negotiate once you get shortlisted.

So, Be confident and don’t get nervous. Answer smartly to all questions and you can crack the interview and step into your first job successfully.