5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair At Home Without Heat


Waves in hair looks fabulous and you can style your curly hair in many ways, but girls like me who have straight hair or if your had rebounding treatment on your hair then forget the curls. Moreover, girls and women these days have started avoiding heat on hair because it leaves long lasting effects like hair fall, rough hair and burnt hair. So today, I am here to tell you few try-at-home methods to curl your hair without heat and trust me these actually work. 

Braids on wet hair

Running late for office and have a small party after office and still no plan for hair, worry not. Wash your hair and after rinsing out excess water from here, part your hair into two sections and braid tightly. Open when dry and here you go with smooth and wavy hair without heat.


Pick Old Socks

Turn your old socks into a tool for curly hair. Take old socks and divide your hair into small sections. Now start wrapping your hair around socks and when you read at the top, tie a tight knot. Repeat the same with all sections and sleep. Wake up next morning with a dreamy look waves.

Old T-shirts

Take old t-shirt and cut it into strips according to your hair length and thickness. Start rolling your hair around it and tie a knot at the end. Keep your hair like this overnight and next day your are sure have those curls to flaunt.

Hair buns for light waves

With little damp hair, make three or four section of your hair and then roll them into buns. Use bobby pins keep buns stable. Open when hair gets dry and you will have light waves in your hair without using any heat.

Aluminium Foil

This one makes you look quite funny but ignore everything. Take aluminium foil and crush them into long and thick sticks. Now start rolling your hair around these sticks and use rubber bands to hold the foil. Keep your hair wet for long-lasting results. Keep overnight and trust me results are outstanding