5 Most Important Things For Effective Communication


Effective communication skill is very important skill if we want to succeed in life.Many of us get confused, nervous while talking to strangers and this nervousness becomes the reason of many rejections. Everybody wants to be an effective speaker and communicate well in life. If you have good knowledge of vocabulary but you fail to express your views then you can follow some very easy practices to improve your communication skills.

Don’t race your words

You can be eloquent speaker in your mother tongue but in foreign language you feel lack of choice of appropriate words .You should practice by slowing down your speaking speed. It will not offend anybody and you can express your ideas and views easily.

Avoid fillers

Ohh, uhh, Amm, Hmm, like are some fillers which we need to cut from our conversation.It indicates as if we are falling short of words and need to find next sentence.To avoid these fillers,relax yourself and make an outline in your mind about what you want to say and then speak.

Good body Language

Follow gentle body language while speaking.Most important thing is to make eye contact with the person whom you are talking. Be confident about what you are saying.If you by mistake said something worng be courteous to apologize.Dont put so much complicated words in your conversation because it sounds complicated and boring.

Don’t get distracted

Avoid distractions,try to concentrate what you are saying. Focus on what you will say next. Using mobile and tapping table are big distractions which can divert your focus.Do not stretch a topic.Try to be concise and clear about your views and words.

Listen carefully

Listening and speaking are like key and lock, it goes simultaneously. That’s why to communicate effectively one must listen to other side carefully.The more you listen, more you will get clarity about your own answer.Speak confidently and avoid mumbling.

Read books,watch news and follow the body language of news Anchors .Mirror practice will also be very useful for a self analysis.