5 Instant Breakfast Recipes For Working Women


Breakfast is an energized and full of energy routine if followed in proper manner. Now a days life is too busy to focus on our meals. In hush hush routine it becomes impossible to enjoy full fledge breakfast yet we have some quick recipes of some healthy tasty breakfast which you can make and enjoy in less than 15 minutes.

Oatmeal Delight

Give your morning a great kick start with delicious and easy recipe of Oatmeal. Mix half cup oatmeal, cold milk, almonds, nuts and nicely diced fruits altogether and enjoy your tasty and nutritious breakfast. Goodness of fruits, richness of dry fruits and calcium of milk will make you ready for a day full of energy. You can prepare this breakfast in less than 6-7 minutes.

Egg bread sandwich

Egg and brown bread ,the most sought foods in busy person’s kitchen. Brown bread is full of fiber which keeps you light and healthy. Egg is enriched with calcium and proteins to give you energy for whole day. To enjoy this protein packed breakfast, whisk egg and add salt,black pepper and veggies. Put a brown break on pan and pour the egg mixture on it.cook on low flame and this super easy breakfast will be ready in just 5 minutes.

Fruity Morning

Different fruits are enriched with different daily nutrients requirements. Add fruits to your morning breakfast list and keep going all day long. Take 4-5 variants of fruits, cut and add black pepper, salt and lemon on it.Enjoy your fruity breakfast. You can have fruit juice also if you don’t like fruit salad.

Yogurt smoothie

Yogurt has several nutrients apart from animal protein. It has the goodness of calcium,vitamin , potassium.  Adding   yogurt to your breakfast routine is a very good idea indeed. If you have an urgent meeting  and not having time for breakfast.  Just reserve 5 minutes free from your busy schedule and take yogurt and add some berries and blend these. If you like more sweetness,you can add honey in it. Put it in a sipper and enjoy it on the way to office.

Tortilla veggie wraps

If you are feeling very hungry but short of time to cook anything. Take tortillas and add whatever veggie you have. Add some raw chopped onions, tomato and some ketchup and your instant wrap is ready. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee.


We hope next time you won’t skip your breakfast due to your busy schedule. These are the quickest and easiest recipes to make your mornings good.