5 Things To Get Your Partner’s Trust Back


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen or the budding youngsters,

The present era is very modern. It has become common to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a partner. But with the technological advancement there arise some trust issues.  We feel over protected, jealous, possessive and sometimes frustrated. Why didn’t you tell me earlier, where were you? why are to talking to him/her and those silly fights. In these small fights, couples do lose the track of their love and sometimes it is very difficult to regain the love and trust of your partner. So let’s find out how to get back your partner’s trust with these 5 simple steps

Don’t Hesitate to Apologise

Apology is the first step to build trust. If you have done something that has hurt your partner’s feelings/ emotions or self respect, then immediately apologise. Apology should be in a very humble and polite way. If possible, try to get some chocolates favourite book or some gift of their choice flowers as well.

Recall Old Memories

The love and memories you have shared will work as a bridge to fill the gap in your relationship. Visit the places, restaurants, food park that you both used to visit. Take some old pictures and try to recall old memories and try to make your partner feel that you still love him/her the same way and cherish the time spent together.

Never Repeat Past Mistakes

If you want to regain the trust you should never repeat your past mistake. Learn to improve yourself and understand your partner’s point of views. His/her reasons of jealousy, frustration and insecurity. Avoid your social media connections for a while and spend some time with your partner. Never discuss the relationship problems in parties and whatsapp/facebook or other social media websites. Do not taunt your partner for his/her past mistakes. Learn to trust and build trust.

Change Yourself

Try to change or mould yourself a bit. When the ego comes between two persons, differences start arising. If you want to regain your partner’s trust you must have to be bit changed. Try to make him understand your problems, but in a very gentle and loving manner. Don’t let him/her feel like you are doing it as a repentance. Your change should be natural not fake and you will gradually win him/her again.

Give Some Time

As said, trust is like mirror once broken, its hard to repair. But not impossible. Time is a great healer. The more time you give to your relation the stronger it will be. More time doesn’t mean sticking to each other 24 hours through calls and messages. It is a relationship not a jail where you have to mark your attendance. Surprise visits, dates, hugs, mild kisses, avoiding phone calls when you are together, sharing phone lock passwords are some small things that can work wonders. So just try all these now.