6 Effective Ways To Control Weight During Pregnancy


Hey mommies-to-be, we all know that pregnancy is the period when you get various kinds of craving for food like ice-creams, something spicy, sweet and crunchy. And you have to address your craving because there is not way out of ignoring them because it is your little baby who wants you to do all this but the modern women who loves to be in the shape and maintains her figure finds it difficult to manage weight during pregnancy. So I have 6 most effective ways to control your weight during pregnancy.

Exercise or Walk

You can continue your regular gym and workout process during pregnancy except some exercises. Consult your trainer and ask him/her to make a workout plan for you. Walking is the best if you are not a gym-freak or worried about your baby. You should make it a habit to walk regularly.

Watch Out Your Calories

You must take care of the calories you consume each day. You need a specified amount of calorie. Avoid low-carb diet. You must have a diet chart prepared by your dietician or you can consult your doctor for the same.

Intervals in Meals

I respect your crave for the food after a short while but I suggest you to give your tummy some time to digest the food you ate last. Because it is your mind that craves not your tummy. Try to divert your mind if you feel hungry. Eating at short intervals will help you to control your weight.

Eat Healthy

Instead of filling your tummy with some filthy useless food, eat healthy. You can mix some fruits with a scoop of ice-cream, milk with some nuts. If you are feeling to eat something spicy prepare the Paani-puri mix water at home using mint, coriander and herbs. Choose healthy alternatives of your cravings.

More Water

The more you drink water, the more you will feel satisfied and there will be less chances of constipation. Your body need more water during pregnancy. Drink water when you feel hungry. It will help you to control your cravings.

Nuts & Fruits

Nuts and fruit are healthy as well as do not add to your weight that much. Keep a box of nuts and fruits in your bag when you go out so that whenever you feel hungry you don’t go to buy some burger, pizza or other stuff. Just open your tiffin-box and eat healthy.