6 Exercise at Home for Perfect Abs

Home based exercises
Full body workouts that can do at-home to get

Facing the flab,need to cut extra fat And want to maintain strong abs with the routine abs exercises,home based abs exercises are best way to achieve your fitness goals.Ab workouts has a golden rule of quality over quantity so make sure you don’t waste time on thousands of crunches,just slow down and focus on each reps and get what you always wanted .Home based exercises are best to burn your fat in no time if done regularly .


Basic Crunch- Beginning towards the Brilliant abs

Crunches are like sit-ups but in crunches you only lift your upper back.It majorly focus on abdominal muscles.You can start your exercise with basic crunches at home.Using a mat or carpet lie on your back and bend your knees.Cross your arms on your chest and lift your shoulders towards the delinking and pause.Exhale and contract your abs while going up then after a pause ease back down and inhale.

Swiss Ball Rollout- Rule out your fat

Swiss ball is an exercise ball made of soft elastic with a diameter of 35 to 80 centimeters
.It is used in physical exercises,athletic training and in gyms.These are very good for abs exercise.You can do Swiss ball ab crunches with your lower back against the top of Swiss ball and place your head behind your head and slowly move backward and then upward and hold this position for one second,Repeat this

Cross Crunch – Crunch the flab

To tone up your abs cross crunches are the best exercise.Lie in your back,bent your knees and rest your feet on floor.Arms should be folded under head.Cross one leg over the the other and let your ankle rest on bent knees.Lift your upper body and shoulder over to the leg.Repeat it and then change sides.

Toe touch Crunch- For perfect abs

This is an easy exercise which you can perform at home to get desired abs.lay on your back,life’s your legs vertically to the ground.slightly bend the knees and keep feet together.Stretch your arms above head,Now lift your head and Shoulders and try to touch the tip of your toes.Start the next rep but do not rest your body to the ground.keep the body in air.

Russian Twist- Twist in exercise

This exercise majorly focus on your middle abdomen.Lie down on floor and keep your feet steady.Bent your legs on the knees.Push your upper body up as it creates V shape with your thighs,Arms should be extended and hands should be collapsed.Hold the contraction position and move back exhaling,Repeat it for another side.

Flutter Kicks- for flaunting abs

This exercise targets abdominal muscles.Ending your workout with this flutter kicks exercise will give you excellent results.Lay flat on your back,keep arms on sides and palms down.Bend your knees and fully extend your legs and make up and down motions like scissors.This neat easy exercise will help to ease your tired muscles after crunches and a perfect end to your exercise time.
Above mentioned easy exercises which can be done at home ,are perfect to tone your muscles and achieve your abs target,but we can not rule out the importance of balanced nutrition and good eating habits to get a flat tummy.Follow the exercises on daily basis,if possible take the supervision of an experienced person and enjoy fitness.