7 Effective Ways To Control Your Anger


Anger, frustration, hatred or irritation call it whatever you want to call but this emotion has been called humans’ worst enemy because it blocks our thinking capacity and ruins pleasant relationships sometimes. So to keep your anger in control I have picked some tried and tested methods.

Not everyone/everything needs your reaction

Most often, the reason of our anger is the people who doesn’t even matter in our life. But sometimes their words or cunning personality irritates us and we try to find ways to answer back and some situations aren’t that big but we make them or perceive them to be very annoying. So try to focus on the things that actually matter in your life.

Stay Firm & Take a stand

If you feel you are being annoyed, exploited or taken for granted then stand up for yourself. Put forth your concerns or statements with I statements. Never take help of someone’s statements or opinions. Frame your own mind set and speak of your mind.

Calm Down and Talk

First analyse the situation and think properly. Once you are assured that your mind is in full control then talk to the person who you think is the reason behind your anger. Use polite words, do not vent your hatred or dissatisfaction out.

Spare a day

When you feel overly stressed, try to take a break from your hectic schedule. Plan a day out with your friends, kids, husband or boyfriend and even you can go alone. Visit the peaceful place admire the beauty or indulge in a fun activity. This is a way to divert your mind to positive aspects and fills you with energy.

Join Yoga or Dance Class

It is better to invest your energy into something worthy that to waste it on useless situations and people who don’t care for you. You can join a Yoga or Dance class. Cooking & hobby classes are also in options.

Quit Grudges

Holding grudges in your mind will only keep your mind occupied. Let it go and forgive people. Forgiving will give you inner peace and mental satisfaction.

Take Help of Humour

When you are stressed, take help of humour when you cannot do anything. Try to remember a joke, a situation that made you laugh or any hilarious memory. If nothing works, look around quietly and see people’s face and you will surely find something funny.