Avoid These Biggest Hair-Care Mistakes For Healthy Hair


Hi readers

We all love our hair and we just want our hair to look healthy, shiny and gorgeous all the time and in order to take care of hair, sometime we commit some blunders unintentionally. The small mistakes and ignorance can harm your hair instead of providing it with nourishment. So never ignore these little things and get the best of your hair

No Brushing

Before hair-wash we all get it oiled and massaged, but do you brush your hair before washing? If no, then you are doing a mistake. The tangled hair are easily susceptible to hair fall so don’t forget to brush your hair properly before washing.

Excessive Hair-wash

People who think that washing hair everyday will make it cleaner and healthier are misled. Washing hair everyday will remove the natural oil present in the scalp and make hair dry. Try washing your hair twice a week or on alternate days.

Use of heating products with protection

If you are addicted to blow-drying, curling and styling your hair everyday then you are damaging your hair extremely. If you use heating products, then apply hair-serum before styling them and it will work as an protective shield to your hair.

Rigorous Towel Drying

We either tie our hair up with towel or start rubbing is vigorously. Both of them are wrong. You need to let your hair get dried up freely by air. Do not rub or tie just leave them open and within an hour and till then you can do all your makeup and dress up.

Home-remedies for split ends

Dear ladies if you think that home remedies can prevent the split ends then its not. The best way to prevent split ends is to trim them instantly in the first place.

Sun protection

Never go out with your hair uncovered in extreme heat. The sun rays in direct contact with hair dim the natural lustre of the hair and make it look dry and unhealthy.

No Iron on wet hair

Never ever, even in a hurry, don’t iron your hair when its still wet. Hair should be dry before using iron on it and if you dont do this your hair will be damages.