Best “Before Time” To Drink Water For Weight loss


Hey Readers

We all struggle everyday to lose weight. Trying new apps, reducing calorie consumption, switching gyms and learning from videos, making new recipe. But do you know a secret, you can lose weight just by drinking water. Yes!!! just by drinking water at the right time and what is that right time let’s get to know.

Before Stepping Out of Bed

You body needs fuel and water is the fuel that keeps the engine of body going everyday and whole day. So drink a glass of water after you wake up. Never start your day without a glass of water.

Before Meal

If you drink water before meal, your appetite will be reduced and your stomach will feel full and thus you will eat less. Also drinking water before a meal will wake up taste buds and moisturises the mouth which helps in digesting food easily.

Before Workout

During workout, your body consumes more water and the sweating will lower the body water. Thus drinking water before workout will help you to stay hydrated during exercise and drinking water after workout fulfils the requirement of water your body needs.

Before Picking Something to eat

If you feel hungry at any point of time between your meals, drink water. Because when you feel hungry it means you are actually thirsty. Before picking up any snack to eat, pick a glass of water and drink two or three glasses of water.

Before Thinking About A Nap

If you are feeling sleep at work, feeling a strong urge to take a nap or just feeling tired drink plenty of water because tiredness is a sign of dehydration. Whenever you feel tired drink great amount of water and you will feel freshen up.