Best Ways to Reuse Old sarees for Festive Season

Festive season has begun and we all are set to clean and decorate our home. Everyone wish to have a beautifully decorated home on festival. While cleaning our old store rooms we come across many things and clothes which can be recycled. Sarees are something which are very costly and lasts long. If you have saree which you are not willing to wear but also don’t want to throw then we have some creative ideas for this festive season to beautify your home.


If you have beautiful chiffon or banarasi sarees than you can add colors to your drawing room by making curtains from these sarees. Mix and match with your old curtains and get them tucked as per length and let the people love the colorful vibes in your home.

Cushion Covers 

Your old sarees can be modified in beautiful cushion covers.Choose a saree having good strength in clothes and use the borders and laces in cushion decoration and add a spark to your old cushions without any big expenses.

Gift Wrap

Having a saree with heavy border or Lacey work can be used as gift wrap.just cut patches and paste of wrap sheets and you are ready to have beautiful gift wraps for Your precious gifts and believe us people will not stop admiring your sense of art.

Shagun Envelopes 

If you will have to exchange Shagun on this festive season then you can make beautiful Shagun envelopes from your sarees . It just need a little effort and result as well impression will be great.


This festive season brings coolness in weather so this is the right time to reuse your old sarees  in the best way, Make quilts. You can easily find people who make quilts from sarees and these quilts are extremely beautiful.  Just pick the bright colored sarees and draw a colorful bliss in your bedroom with quilts made from it.
We all love saris as some reminds us of good old days and some are gifts from mothers or close ones that’s why we don’t want to throw these saris. Reusing these saris in beautiful way can be both creative and protecting your memories in another way.