Birthday Gift for Brother Under 2000 Rs.


Love of a brother is like a friend  to whom we can share our secrets, brother cares like mother and protect us as a father. Brother is an important part of family. Bond with brother is always full of lots of sweet fights, argues and full of love. Your brother’s birthday is just round the corner and you want to make him feel very special but not able to finalize the gift, then this article is for you. We have some unique and interesting gift ideas which will make your brother very happy and it will be the most special birthday for him.

  • Smart Watch

Watches have always been in the list of gift items. Everyone loves watches but gifting a watch is quite an old idea, why not this time we make some change in the list. Replace a watch with a smart watch. A smart watch is ultimate accessory as it will not just tell time but manage notifications  that too on your wrist . Smart watches are still a new idea and not very common among people so if your brother gets it on his Birthday then surely he will have good stuff to boast among his friends.

  • Backpack

No matter your brother is a student or an employee. He will always have space for a new backpack. Just understand the requirements of your brother and buy a backpack and gift him.It will carry all his things from pen to laptop.

  • Childhood memories

Remember those childhood days when you both used to do pranks and play. Collect all things, pictures which reminds you of your childhood with your brother. Make a collage and surprise  your brother.  It’s pretty sure that he will always keep it close to his heart because it will remind him of your love for him.

  • Gaming Gadgets   

Boys love games and play station is their favorite gadget. Gift your brother a latest play station or a gaming console . He will enjoy playing games on these gadget whenever he is feeling bored.

  • Surprise Party

After school, we lost touch with many of our close friends or we get very less time to meet again. His birthday is the best occasion to invite all his friends and arrange a party. When he meets his buddies, give him some space and let him enjoy snacks and recall all golden memories they all spent together.

Gift is not  just an object, this symbolizes your love and care towards your brother. Choose the gift with affection and your brother will thank you many times !!