Blood Bank: Now exists online too, blood will be found in instant

About Blood Donation

It is often seen that people in emergency make up their relatives, friends and social media groups to fulfill the blood’s reckoning. But do you know now that the lack of blood can easily be fulfilled. Yes, any blood type of blood is readily available online, in the same way that online appointments are available in government hospitals. Know how you get blood online and what you have to do.

This website will get online blood-

For the blood needs you go to the online registration system website. Here’s an option to see blood availability. If you click on it, a window will open. In the video, write the names of 5 states where online blood is available. Among them are: Delhi, Chandigarh, Tripura, Karnataka and Madhya Prasad. Select one of these states.

How to Get Online Blood-

After the selection, the names of those hospitals will be where where blood is present in the blood bank. Like Delhi, the names of AIIMS and IML hospitals are given. After coming here, click on the view. Here are two views. One has contact details, through which you can contact the blood bank officer. Contact address of blood bank, officer’s name mobile number, landline number and mail id etc. On the other side, the blood bank has been given the status of the blood group in which blood group is available in the quantity of which blood is available in these blood banks.

The Red Cross also exists in the online blood-

Apart from the online blood bank, blood can be taken from ‘The Red Cross Society’. For this, you have to download the eRaktKosh app. This app has been told that blood is present in Kini Quantity. After this you will have to write all the details of the patient and your condition from your doctor or hospital. You can contact these documents by contacting the Direct Red Cross or by sending them to the Red Cross Society or you can contact yourself in the Red Cross Society.

Dr. Vanshree Singh, Director of The Red Cross Society, ABP News, told that during the interaction, there are 14 blood banks of Red Cross in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad. There are 166 blood banks in the country. The Red Cross Society contributes 8-10 per cent of the blood all over the country. Not only this, they are recognized and regularly donate blood donation camps.

Some money is also required to be paid-

If you are going to fill the blood unit form with doctors from private hospital, then you will have to pay 1050 to 1450 rupees per unit, but if you are filling a form for blood from Government Hospital, you will get blood for free. In many cases 150 units can also be given blood.

These diseases are available for free in blood-

No charge is taken from patients of thalassemia and hemophilia, Plastic Anemia throughout the country, then they are a patient of private hospital or elsewhere.