Bloodhound Supersonic car runs 1600 kilometers per hour

The car runs 1600 kilometers per hour

The Bloodhound Supersonic car will land on the road for the first time on October 26.
The initial test will be done at a slow pace on New Kay Airport runway in Cornwall.
Is this car or rocket?

The car which runs 1600 kilometers per hour

Engineers want to test the fastest car before being sent to break all record records in South Africa next year.
Record of the highest speed at present is 1228 km It was expected to catch up to 1247 kmph and 1609kmph in two stages of bloodhound every hour.

However, trial of NewKey will not be for speed. This is because the length of the runway of the former Air Force base is just 2,744 meters, in which the car will not be able to hold its highest speed.
Driver Andy Green will run the car at a speed of around 322 kmph, in which only the Eurofighter-typhoon jet engine of the car will be used.
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Generally, the extra power-giving rocket motor will not even be in the car because it’s time to get it ready.
Although engineers are considered important for gathering data about the New Kay Trial to Bloodhound.

Chief Engineer Mark Shapman said, “We are now landing on the runway with computer design. It will be a great relief for those people who were standing with us in these years.”
According to them, they want to collect money from this trial so that final preparations can be done.
However in this trial only members of the media, VIP, sponsor and ‘Bloodhound 1 Club’ have been allowed to come.
But after that the Saturday falling onward will be performed for the common people.

The body of this car will have high-definition cameras. After this trial, the supply of rocket motor in the car will be made by Norway’s aerospace company Namo.
Although its basic model is ready, Blahhand’s team wants to increase its power slightly and it will take some more time to test it. 20 years ago in October, Andy Green made the current record of fast with Thrust SSC cars.