Definition of success explain By famous samosa shop Gopal samosewala

Gopal sweets samosewala

In front of the gate of a big company there was a famous samosa shop, in the lunch time, often the employees of the company used to eat samosas. One day a manager of the company came to the mood of fun from the samosewala.

Gopal sweets

Manager Saheb said to the samosewala, “Yar Gopal, you have maintained your shop very well, but do not you think you are wasting your time and talents by selling samosas? Think if you work in this company like me If you were to be said today … maybe yosamosewalasamosewala too would have been like me today.

Samosewale Gopal thought a lot, and said, “Sir, this is my job better than your work, when I used to sell samosas in the basket 10 years ago, when I got your job, I earn a thousand rupees a month and your salary Was 10 thousand
In these 10 years, both of us worked hard.
You become a manager from Supervisor.
And I reached this famous shop from the basket.
Today you earn 50,000 a month
And in the month of 2,00,000
But for this I am not saying my work better than your work.
I am saying this because of children.

Just think, Sir had started a business at very low earning, but my son would not have to face it all. My shop will meet my son, the hard work I have done in my life, he will take advantage of my children. Whilst your employer will take advantage of the hard work your boss’s children raise.

Now you can not direct your son directly to your post. He will also have to start with zero as yourself … and he will reach the end of his tenure where you are now.
Whilst my son will take business further from here. And in our tenure we will go very far ahead. Now tell me whose time and talent are being wasted? ”

Manager sahib give Samosewal 2 rupees 20 rupees and slipped from there without saying anything …