Facebook will Sent voter registration reminder. when the user ages 18.

voter registration reminder
For this, 'Voter Registration Reminder' will be started from July 1 with the help of Facebook.

The Election Commission will start a special campaign to register new voters. For this, ‘Voter Registration Reminder’ will be started from July 1 with the help of Facebook. According to an official release, a notification of voter registration reminder will be sent to people eligible to vote on July 1.

This reminder will be in 13 Indian languages ​​-

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Urdu, Assamese, Marathi and Oriya.

People will be directed to the National Voter Service Portal after clicking on ‘Register Now Button’, where they will be given instructions for registration process.

Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Naseem Zaidi said, “I am happy to announce that the special commission for first time voting in the Election Commission is to start a special campaign to complete the registration in the remaining voter list. Has been doing. This is one step to fulfill the purpose of ECI that no voter will be left out. ‘ He said, ‘I urge all eligible citizens to register and vote. I am confident that this initiative will empower the Election Commission’s registration campaign and encourage future voters to participate in the electoral process and become responsible citizens of India.