Follow These Steps To Stay Hydrated Without Water


Hi Readers, the scorching heat of summer is just torturing us and we all feel the need of drinking something chilled to soothe our throat after every hour. But drinking water only isn’t the only way to keep yourself hydrated all day because your body demands for more that just water. Here are few things that will help you to keep the water nutrients of your body balanced always.

Melons & Watermelons

These two fruits are easily available in summer and are highly enriched with water content along with calcium and magnesium. Eating a melon or watermelon everyday will protect your body from scorching heat and hydrated always.

Smoothies & Shakes

These yummy replacements of water. Sometimes you should ditch the water and pick some yummy lassi, mango shake, banana shake and other smoothies. These will also help you to satiate your hunger for two three hours and keep you energetic.


Salads made of some fruit and vegetables is a good source of water content in your body. Pack some salad for lunch or have it in evening and trust me you will never feel dehydrated at any point of time.


Having soup before your meal will fill the need of water intake in your body. Do not go for the creamy and heavy soups. Pick the lighter ones and it would be best if you do not use the packed ones. Fresh is always healthy.

Milk & Curd

Being liquid milk not only works as a hydrating content but also help you to fill your body with energy and more calcium. Add curd in your diet everyday that too is a good source of hydration

Consume Less Salt

Excessive salty food is main reason of dehydration. Even if you have lemonade, you should avoid salt in it. Consuming food that has less salt is the root of hydrated body.Also, you should avoid fried and oily food.