Homemade Beauty Products Just With Coconut Oil


Hi Readers,

We all love our skin and sometimes a single pimple, a rash and allergy can bother us alot. We try a lot of cosmetics and many people have some favourite make-up and beauty brands but do you know that the best-beauty secret lies just next to you in your kitchen or bathroom or your makeup drawer. Yes I am talking coconut oil. Coconut is widely used in food especially in South India, you cannot imagine your meal without coconut oil and we must have read a lot about the beauty benefits of this magic oil but today I am going to tell you how to make best beauty products just with coconut oil.’

Body Butter

To make body butter, you need some coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and essential oil whichever you like. By mixing them in the same quantity except the essential oil because you need the fragrance and extract of it, so use it less. Mix all ingredients well and your body butter is ready.

Body Oil

Coconut oil is the best body oil that you can get. You don’t need to mix it with anything. Just apply on your legs, arms, elbow and lustre will be evident in your skin.

Lip Balm

Use a double boiler to melt coconut oil and add some raw honey along with some drops of lavender oil or any essential oil that you like. Pour them into small storage boxes and use without the tension of toxic ingredients.

Hair Mask

Just like the skin, coconut oil is good for hair as well. Melt some coconut milk and add some honey to the melting coconut milk. Once its done, mix some apple cider vinegar and apply onto your hair for natural shine and faster growth.

Massage Oil

Mix lukewarm coconut oil with your favourite essential oil and massage properly on your body. It will help you to relax and also work as a stress-booster.


No expensive ingredients required here. Put some coconut oil on you palms and rub your palms so that the heat get generated to heat-up the coconut oil, then apply you face by massaging gently. After this use a cloth dipped in lukewarm water to cleanse your face and get the glowy skin.