Make Peanut Butter At Home in Three Simple Steps


Hi Readers

We all love peanut butter because it is healthy, tasty and fulfil desire of eating tasty and healthy. But sometimes we think to add our twist in this all-time favourite food item. Today I have a three-steps recipe to make peanut butter at home and add your own twist in it

Step 1: Roasting

Take peanuts and roast them in a pan without oil or butter. The quantity of peanuts depends upon your requirement. I suggest you to make small packages like for a week or fifteen days. 

Step 2: Grinding

After you finish roasting, take your grinder and grid the roasted peanuts. Make sure the paste you make is thick or you can keep the thickness the way you like it. To make a smooth paste, you can add little bit of olive oil.

Step 3: Mixing

After preparing your basic thick paste, add your favourite flavours. You can add honey, cinnamon powder, coco power to make it a nutella-like peanut butter. You can also add maple syrup and if you want a little crunch your peanut butter then you can add some roughly grind nuts in it.

Now when you have prepared your butter, take some bread and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!