Murder on the Orient Express: A Perennial Mystery (2017 film)


Agatha Christie who authored more than 80 crime novels was well recognized for her style and plot structure wrote an extremely herculean plot mystery called Murder on the Orient Express. The novel was one of the best sellers was filmed in 1974 and the day it hit the theaters it just had the amazing reviews and people appreciated it.

Now the movie is again getting characterised by American director  Kenneth Branagh.

The movie is entirely based on the train scene which is stopped due to snow. A detective Hercule Poirot, boarded a train and he was approached by a person called Ratchett whio was recieving threatening letters by someone but Poirot refused to help him. There were many people on the train and everyone was stuck as the train was standing at a single place. At night Poirot could not sleep due to disturbing noises and next day Ratchett was found dead in his compartment.

Being a detective, Poirot started investigating the case and his friend M. Bouc helped him, During investigating a case of little girl, Daisy Armstrong’s,  kidnapping came to light. Daily was kidnapped and murdered even though her kidnappers were paid the money they asked for. Poirot came across the facts that many passengers who boarded the train were hiding their  true identities and some of them were Daisy’s nurse, chauffer and governess. He proposed two solutions for the case. And Poirot was sure that the murderer was closely related to Daisy Armstrong. The ending should be suspense. You should wait till the movie comes to theater or grab the novel online.

This is going to be really exciting to see such a great plot filmed in an entirely new way. Waiting eagerly.