Nokia 5: 10 Advantages and Disadvantages to Buy It


Hi Reader,

The former mobile giant, Nokia has decided to overcome the mobilephone market and after a lot of wait finally on 15th August, it revealed its Nokia 5. Though it was a much-awaited phone yet it has come with some very common features but we can trust the brand Nokia and here are the pros and cons to but this phone.


  1. The phone is from a much reliable and authentic brand that has revived last year. The services and affirmation that come with the name Nokia, reassure us that the customer gets the best,
  2. This phone us quite budget friendly, where you just need to pay 12k and you get a good, sturdy and big smartphone which is quite affordable in this price range.
  3. The phone is quite good-looking, here the finish given to the phone is impressive and matches the standards of Nokia
  4. The User Interface is quite decent and easy to understand. Nothing is messy. Sophistication is gadgetified in this phone very well.
  5. Talking about the 3000mAh battery, which is common and yet enough for a moderate user to use this phone for approximately entire day.
  6. The there is a 13 megapixals 8 Megapixals rear and front camera respectively along with a flashlight which is quite good.
  7. Octacore processor and 2 GB RAM make this phone fast and useful for gaming.
  8. The phone comes with some great Jio and MakemyTrip offers which is quite exciting.
  9. The gorrila glass definitely is a safer choice for people like me who are a complete mess in keeping phones carefully


  1. The phone has only 16 GB internal storage that I think is quite low as we all have loads of pictures, music and files in the phone and after few weeks you will feel like inserting a memory card which is an another expense.
  2. The display┬ámeasures 149.7×72.5×8.05mm which can be improved and some users might not find it impressive.
  3. This phone will be available in the stores only and that is a bad news for the people who love to buy phones at the convenience of their homes and offices sitting on their favourite chair or sofa, exploring the features online etc.
  4. For some users Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS can be a big problem of this phone and as we are addicted to using snapdragon 635 and OSs.

These are my opinions, I suggest you to visit your nearest stores and explore the phone yourself.