Post-Pregnancy Weightloss Routine To Get Back in Shape


Post pregnancy weight loss is very famous topic for writers and readers. Every mom is keen to get her pre pregnancy  look again after delivery. Losing weight takes time and efforts because your body needs to recover from having a baby. Your Gynae will never allow for an immediate dieting after your delivery so you need to some other ideas to lose weight in a healthy way.

Feed your baby

yes,you heard it right. For many mums breastfeeding help losing weight. A well balanced Breastfeeding burns calories if followed by a a good healthy diet.This will be good for your new born baby as well as for you.

Sleep Enough to lose enough

We are not joking, sleeping indeed helps you to manage post pregnancy weight gain. Research says that new mothers who sleep enough for 7-8 hours are more likely to lose weight faster. Sleep deprive can increase stress level which directly slows down the weight loss process. Now what are you thinking take nap with your baby, sleep in night, exchange waking shifts with husband on alternative days and feel the change in weight.

Belly wrap-Yes for you

Belly wraps are very famous among new mums.They not only support your belly and backbone but also help losing weight because they create compression on your abs and help uterus to get into previous shape.

Say No to Dieting

Yes, going on immediate on dieting just after delivery can derail your weight losing goals. Go back to your old healthy eating habits and eat when your feel hungry can actually help you to manage weight. No matter whatever is your weight loss goal don’t miss taking 1800 calories per day. Make a diet chart and eat something after every short interval. Thus for getting slim and shaped body,dieting is not an good idea.Eat healthy and lose weight in  healthy and easy ways.

Drink water and move your body

Water is very helpful in case you want to lose weight.Drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and also make you feel full thus making you less hungry.Apert from these ideas you can also have some easy exercises,aerobics and prenatal yoga sessions.Remember after delivery, your body is in recovering state so don’t exhaust so much. We hope these simple ideas will be helpful for your.Enjoy motherhood and loss weight in natural ways.