Pregnant women should definitely do 5 Yoga Poses

Pregnant women

Pregnant women have many hormonal changes in the body. The problem of body pain and mood swing is also common. But if women do yoga during their pregnancy, they will not only be relieved of these problems, but will also be easier in delivery and the development of the child in the womb will also be correct.

If you practice regular yoga, then you have to make minor changes in your rugs. Experts believe that these 5 yoga benefits are beneficial for women who become mothers-

1. Coonasana:

This posture will give you relief from the pain of the waist, and it will be easy to burn fat after delivery. The waist will be flexible, which will facilitate during labor. However, it should be closed when the pregnancy is seven months.

2. Bhadrasana:

It speaks butterfly asana in common colloquial language too. Pressure on the lifting of the whole body increases during pregnancy. Therefore it is advisable to do this asana.

3. Parvatasana:

It is beneficial for those who are sitting for long or who have trouble in their spine. It also provides relief in shoulder pain.

4. Estimation:

This yoga is considered to be the best to reduce the stress of the body. This also helps in stretching the body completely.


Vascular has a direct effect on the liver, kidney, and pancreatitis. Also the spinal cord is stronger.

Although women are advised that any exercise or yoga practice during pregnancy should be done only in consultation or presence of experts.