To prevent obesity in children, do not have a mother, father, take care of children

taking care of small children

It is common for children to be obese in today’s time. But do you know that taking care of small children can be prevented from having obesity in children if they make fathers instead of mothers. We are not saying this, but recently it has come out in the recent research.

What does research-

According to the research, obesity can be prevented by the father by taking care of children between two to four years of age. Research found that if the father batches children, clothes them, walks out, or plays with them, such children are less prone to obesity.

What is the Expert-

This research was done at John Hopkins University, located in Maryland City, Baltimore, USA. Research researcher Michel Wang says that the father’s role in developing children is very important. If the father plays the role of equality in the care of children, such children have good health.

This research, published in ‘Obsessive’ Journal, was done on American Kids.