Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse: Here is How


Kiddnaping, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment are causing worry to every parent. Alarming increase in child sexual abuse cases shows that somewhere parents and education system has failed to teach our children about Good touch and bad touch. Time has come when we have to sit with our kids to tell them about the sexual abuse. Although many parents don’t feel comfortable talking about such sensitive issues but a small friendly discussion can protect your child’s today and tomorrow.

  • They are the owner of their body

Make your children aware about their body parts.Tell them about private parts too and teach them that it their body and they have to protect it. Make them strong enough to oppose something which hurts or annoy them. Your child has the right to say No whenever they feel something wrong .This ownership from childhood will make them aware about the sensitivity about their parts.

  • Good Touch or Bad Toucha

Talk to your child and tell them the difference between Good and Bad touch. Good touch can be a gentle hug, hand shake, pat on back, hair ruffling or a high five, tell your children that these are completely fine if they are comfortable with it. When it comes to bad touch,sex predators can molest your child in many ways so have to teach your child with great compassion and in a friendly way.Tell them that a bad touch mean when someone try to touch your private parts,lip to lip kissing, touching thighs or inserting something in your private parts.Teach them how to protest a bad touch and way of finding help nearby.

  • Don’t make them a shy kid

Don’t be a shy parent and don’t make your child a shy kid. Be friendly with your children so that they can share their matters with you. Shy kids a easy prey for sexual abusers. So teach your children to be rude with over friendly strangers and tell them how strangers can attract and harm them.

  • Keep checks

Parents should give their children time and attention. Don’t be over busy with your office and work. Keep a check on your children’s whereabouts, friends and their families, their school bus staff or teacher. Don’t overlook your own relatives. Notice if somebody’s presence make your child conscious, someone buying expensive gifts for your child, spending lot of time, don’t ignore even an instinct of doubt and keep your children protected.

As a parent , it’s our duty to teach them about good and bad.  Ensure your child doesn’t suffer from child abuse.