How to reduce bad cholesterol With Strong Super-foods

How to reduce bad cholesterol With Strong Super-foods

Increasingly bad cholesterol is nowadays in lifestyle. Increased bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack. Experts believe that high cholesterol is harmful for overall health. But do you know that through some super food you can easily reduce cholesterol. Know who this super food is.


A Bowl oatmeal meal in breakfast is a good idea to reduce cholesterol. Oatmeal contains high level of sophisticated fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol. Eating daily oatmeal reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and type-diabetes.


Eating daily almonds causes good cholesterol to rise and bad cholesterol decreases. Almonds, curd and serial can also be added to grind almonds. A handful of almonds should be consumed daily. Bad cholesterol levels are also reduced by eating walnuts and flax seeds.

Green Tea

By drinking a few cups of green tea daily, you can easily reduce cholesterol. Regardless of whether you can take supplements of green tea on doctor’s advice.

Orange Juice

Sweet, tangy orange juice has the ability to reduce cholesterol. Take 2 to 3 cups Orange juice daily. Keep in mind that Juices are not fresh packed. If you can not drink juice, then at least one of the oranges you eat.


Salmon Fish

Cholesterol can be reduced easily by eating omega 3 fatty acids rich in salmon. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. Eat Salmon Fish at least once a week. Eating fish is better than baked and grilled. If you wish, fish oil supplements can also be eaten on doctor’s advice.


Soybean and Soya Products-

Soybean and soy products are rich in protein. Soya is the best super food for those who are passing through high cholesterol. Of course, soya does not reduce total cholesterol but it reduces bad cholesterol. Soya has lower levels of fiber, vitamins, minerals and saturated fat.