Saudi Arabia: The Land With Most Notorious Bans


Saudi Arabia, the land that follows the Islamic Constitution as stated in Quran. This part of the globe is recognised for the wealth, riches and development, but along with that Saudi Arabia has been very strict follower of Islamic laws and regulations and thus this land has some most notorious bans that a person cannot dare to challenge or break. Today we will find out the 8 most crazy bans in Saudi Arabia.

Watching Porn

In Saudi Arab, you cannot do anything that is Haram in Quran. Thus, watching porn or having intimate pictures of couples or girls can put you into troubles. The authorities can check or scan your phone and if any inappropriate picture/video is found, your phone or tablet will be confiscated.

No Valentines

As the country follows Islamic constitution and in Islam the relationship of men and women should be halal, that is why Saudi Arab has banned the celebration of Valentines day in the country. You cannot wear red clothes, buy roses and heart-shaped items. A school-girl wearing or having anything red on Valentines is sent back home.

Social Gatherings

The natives of Saudi Arab are not allowed to enter the mall if they are single especially men. Only families are allowed which means women accompanied by their husbands. The group of women is allowed but the stag of men isn’t. To enter a mall, you must have a women along with you. This law is not for the tourists or visitors of other countries.

No Movie Theatres

Movie theatres are banned in Saudi Arab. The private company compounds can have a movie theatre. Reason being the movie theatres leave men and women unsupervised and they can indulge in inappropriate of unethical activities. Alcohol is also banned in the nation, thus some people who live close to Bahrain drive there on weekends to watch movies.

Never Take Photographs of Buildings

If you are in Saudi Never, do not focus your camera to a building as the law has prohibited to click pictures of public buildings, government building and military installations. Never dare to point your camera towards a Saudi men or women as well.

No Music School

Though Saudi Arab has a well-developed music industry but there is no music school in the nation. Even in the schools, the music classes are banned. Even the stores and malls cannot play music on loudspeakers. Those who have mastered the music got their music education from Abroad.

No Gym and No Driving For Women

Women of Saudi Arab are not allowed to go to gym. There is not gym or sports club for women. That is why International Olympic Committee banned the nation for never sending any female delegate for participation. Along with that women cannot drive the cars, if they want to go somewhere, your husband must take you or you should hire a driver.

No Other Religion

This country has a complete ban to worship any other religion but Islam. There is no church or altar in the country. If you are a non-Muslim you cannot worship in pubic because it is completely against law. A person who dares to change his/her religion from Islam or abandons Islam faces death penalty.