Skincare Routine For Winters for Glowing Skin Everyday


Hey beautiful ladies,

Winter has knocked our doors and the girls and ladies with sensitive ladies are feeling nervous already. We all hate the dry and rough skin in winters. All we do it, apply body lotion again and again, some people do use oil to keep skin moisturised, but all these methods fail because our skin does not get proper nourishment and moisture that it does require. So here I have a routine following which you can maintain the softness and glow of your skin everyday.

Change Your Soaps

Using harsh soaps in winter can damage your skin. The first thing you must do is to replace your ordinary soaps with the one that have shea butter and glycerine. Or you can buy home-made soaps. Shower gels can too harm your skin so choose one that have more moisture content.

Massage Before Bathing

In winter, we put focus on face and hands, but the fact is that our complete body craves for the moisture. So 10-15 minutes before bathing or taking a shower, you should massage your body with coconut oil or almond oil. Use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Choose Body Lotion Wisely

In winters, your body lotion be chosen wisely because the requirements of the body changes according to the season. After bathing you must apply body lotion all over your body. You can even use the mixture of almond oil, lavender oil and coconut oil. Coconut and almond oil keep skin moist while lavender will give you a pleasant fragrance.

Focus on Lips 

You must focus on your lip because they have the most delicate skin and winter just spoils the beauty of our lips. To avoid dry lips, exfoliate them using mixture of honey and sugar. Apply Vaseline or almond oil every night before sleep.

Honey Mask

Once or twice in a week, you should treat your skin with honey mask. Just apply organic honey or the pure honey on your face and arms. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. The honey will give moisture to your dry skin. Make your own lipbalm at home for natural pink lips.


Just like the way you handle the pressure of hectic life everday so does your skin. It fights the pollution, fog, snow sun every day so it needs rest in the night. At night, massage your skin with a night-cream some baby oil or any essential oil. Pat your eyelashes with some oil and sleep. In the morning you will feel refreshed.

Don’t forget the feet

You feet need rest too. Massage some Vaseline on your feet before sleeping. Wear soft sleeper at home. Feast them with some home-based pedicure and keep them beautiful.