Skincare Tips For Brides-To-Be: Must Try Everyday


Skin Care for Brides to be

Soon you are going to be a Bride and excitement is at its best. No doubt, you want to look like a princess on your D Day and preparations are on full swing. Best Makeover Artist, Best dress, Dazzling jewellery etc are your priorities now and one thing is sure, you will be putting all your heart to make your Life changing phase a memorable moment which you will want to cherish lifetime. Wait, in this rushing time skin care is often neglected. Don’t just rely on your makeup artist for one day look.Take care of your skin with these simple tips and attain the healthier inner glow which will stay with you not just on your wedding day but for many  many days.

Super food for Super healthy Skin 

Yes ,eating healthy food in your busy schedule of shopping and arrangements is essential. No matter what kind  of skin you have,eat green veggies,Fruits enriched with water and drink plenty of water. Your skin needs hydration and there is no better source than water for hydrated nourished skin.   

Skin Care Routine-Follow CTM

Our skin loves routine and care.Make a routine of skin care especially at night because your skin rejuvenates and regenerates rapidly in night.Follow CTM-Cleasing, Toning  and Moisturizing using quality and herbal products.This routine will make your skin glowing and perfectly ready for the big day makeover.

Ease your eyes

Eyes are the most expressive and impressive part of your face.No girl wants puffy and dark circled eyes on her marriage that’s why start taking care of your eyes like you do for your face.Massage Vitamin E oil to get rid of scary dark circles and use eyepads for giving your eyes cooling and soothing care.Keep your eyes happy and they will reflect your happiness.

Make Sunscreen your Best Friend

All your efforts of skin care can be wasted if you don’t protect your skin from direct sunlight.Sunscreen makes a layer on your skin to prevent it from harmful rays of Sun.So don’t forget to apply a High SPF sunscreen before stepping out in Sun.

So to all beautiful brides to be –Think positive,stay calm and enjoy this phase of life and don’t forget to follow these easy tips to take care of your skin.