Story of the country’s biggest thug ‘Natwarlal’


‘If you have intelligence, then you will find out the truth.’

This was a thug who told the police. When he was in his grave. A thug who did not spare prostitutes. He used to go to prostitutes everyday and looted his poisonous liquor and robbed his money and jewelry. A educated man who, after studying advocacy, made the thug his profession. In more than 100 cases in 8 states, the police was searching for this thug. 8 times he had escaped from different prisons. One such thug who used to swindle from Rajiv Gandhi to President Rajendra Prasad’s name. Mithilesh Kumar alias Mr. Natwarlal

sold" the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort,

The story of becoming an average student from Mr. Natwar Lal

There are two different stories of Mithilesh Kumar becoming Natwar Lal. According to the initiative story, Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastav, a resident of Bangra village in Siwan district of Bihar, was the eldest son of wealthy landlord Raghunath Prasad. Mithilesh was an average student in reading. Instead of studies, he had more interest in football and chess. It is said that after failing in the matriculation examination, Mithilesh was killed by his father. After which he fled to Calcutta At that time there were only five rupees in his pocket. In Calcutta, Mithilesh studied under an electric pillar. Later, a band named Seth Keshavaram kept Mithilesh to teach his son. Mithilesh demanded money from Seth for his graduation, which Seth refused to give. Methilesh was so annoyed by Seth’s denial that he took a cheat of 4.5 lakhs from Seth to buy Rui’s knot.

The second story says that once Mithilesh sent his neighbor Sahay to deposit bank draft. Going there, Mithilesh correctly copied Sahay’s signature. At that time mithilesh first thought that he could do the job of counterfeiting. Since that day, Mithilesh continued to withdraw money from his neighbor’s account for a few days. When the neighbor of Mithilesh realized this, then he had withdrawn Rs 1,000 from the Mithilesh account. After finding out, Mithilesh went to Calcutta and went there to commerce from the graduation. Along with this, the brokerage will work in the stock market.

Natwarlal: The king of con

In the name of big leaders, when Natwar Lal cheated people

Connaught Place in Delhi Surendra Sharma’s watch shop An old man wearing white shirt and pants goes to the clock shop. And the introduction of himself is the personal staff of Finance Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari D.N. Tiwari gives it in the form. And tells the shopkeeper that Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s day is not going well, so he has invited all senior party leaders to Delhi to support him. And they want to present the clock to all the people who attend this meeting. So I want to watch 93 from your shop. The shopkeeper first suspected this man’s things but could not stop himself from greed for selling so many watches.

The next day the old man reached the store to take the clock. Talking to the shopkeeper to watch the clock, a staff took with him North Block (North Block is the place where the prime minister is from the office of the big officers). There he gave a bank draft of Rs 32,829 as payment to the staff. Two days later when Dunkenar deposited the draft, the bankers told that the draft was fake. Then the shopkeeper realized that the old man was Natwar Lal. And after this, the Finance Minister VP Singh, then the name of the District Judge of Varanasi and Natwar Lal in the name of the UP CM, continued to loot the shopkeepers in different cities.


Bank Draft give by natwarlal for shopkeeper

Natwar Lal was so vicious in the thug that he had sold the Taj Mahal three times, the Red Fort twice, once the Rashtrapati Bhavan and once to the Parliament House. Natwar Lal had sold the Parliament by signing a fake bribe of President Rajendra Prasad. Whilst the time the Parliament was sold, all MPs were present there. It is said that Natwar Lal had 52 names, one of them was Natwar Lal. Detecting the government employee, Natwar Lal had sold all these monuments to the foreigners. ‘Mr Natwar Lal’ has also become a movie on his cheat. In which Amitabh Bachchan has played the role of his

The life and crimes of a master

Thug for the people of the world but Robinhood for the people of their villages:

After earning a lot of money from the fraud, Natwar Lal went to his village Bangar with three car convoys. According to the villagers, Natwar Lal reached the village in the whole rich style. The scent of the fragrance he had put up spread to miles. Natwar Lal planted a canopy in the village, arranged for good food for the villagers. After this ban, he gave 100 rupees to every poor man in the village. The people of the village were never embarrassed on the thug of Natwar Lal. According to him, Natwar Lal has not done any work to embarass those people. He used to rob the corrupt rich and help the poor.

Court sentenced to more than 100 years:

Natwarlal had cheated the country’s big jewelers, moneylenders and businessmen in the 50’s and 60’s. In more than 100 cases in 8 states, Natwarlal’s name was on the list of ‘Most Wanted’. Police arrested Natwarlal 9 times, out of which 8 times he escaped to dodge the police. Singhbhum’s court gave Natwarlal a 19-year, Darbhanga court sentenced to 17 years imprisonment and 2 lakh and a judge of Patna sentenced to 5 years. In Bihar only, Natwarlal was sentenced to more than 100 years. Ours