Things Every Teenager Hides From His Parents

Teenage boy in troubles

Hello ladies and all my readers,

The present scenario of parenting is totally different from the one that we have in our childhood. Strict parents and siblings as well used to be the biggest fear of 90s teenagers and to some extent this thing is still there in every teenage’s life. As we grow, we feel that our parents do not understand us, they control us and at the peak of blooming age, we are like drunk and careless. We just wanna sip in every drop of life’s wine and here are some common truths every teenager hides from his parents.


Whether in school or college, having crush or boyfriend and girlfriend is now a common thing but still teenagers are afraid to reveal or tell these things to their parents. They hide their love affairs and relationship because they think that their parents will impose restrictions on them.


Just like relationships or affairs, teenagers do hide their heartbreak, though it is a kind of funny when you grow up but as the teenage love is innocent and pure, the pain of its separation is unbearable. Boys/girls cry and avoid gatherings, friends and family. They hide their tears from their parents and sometimes it leads to severe depression.

Chats & Messages

Knowing the fact that your parents won’t understand all your slang words and those ttyl, brb etc. even still teenagers hide their messages and chats, they try to keep the toughest phone lock as if their is some secret code or treasure hidden. Sometimes, parents get irritated when you are too lost to listen to their voice.

Class-bunks & Parties

This is the exciting this about college life. The bunks and parties, those night study plans that aren’t associated with study at all.  Those class bunks and long drives, movie shows and parties are always the things we hide from our parents because parents send us to study but are colleges meant to study only NO!!

Some Secret Friends

Sometimes parents do not like some of your friends and but as you know them more than your parents do or because of your bonding with those friends, you keep them hidden from the parents. You pretend as if you have no tie-ups with them but secretly you all hangout talk and chat.

Teenage is a state where we do not want to understand others, the effect of generation gap is more influential at this stage and girls/boys want to live their life they way they want to. Sometimes, this leads to crimes, some incorrigible mistakes and lifetime lessons. So the budding flowers, do listen to your parents and ask for their advice.