With these tips you can live while working 9 hours Perfect Fit

With these tips, you can also stay fit for 9 hours.

Nowadays, employees working in the office have many types of lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity, slip discs, frozen shoulder pens, uric acid problems, stomach problems, diabetes. In this way, Life Club talked with the dietitian Dr Archana Gupta on this condition.

Life Club has to know if any employee who has high cholesterol, obesity, slip disks and hyper uric acid. Which works on hours of computer, travels long. In her family history, if someone has diabetes, heart attack and thyroid, then what should be its routine?


What should be his diet?



  • Gender- Male, Age- 30 to 35 years, Weight- 80 to 85 kg, Catering- Vegetarian (Includes egg)
  • Working Hours – 9 Hours, Office Time – 10am to 7pm, Total Travel Time- 2 to 3 Hours
  • Diseases- High cholesterol, obesity, slip disks and high uric acid Family Health History- Diabetes, Heart Attack, Thyroid and Obesity, High Cholesterol


  • Dr. Archana says that first of all, such workers should take low fat, low salt and low sugar diet. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the oil content because cholesterol is increased. Apart from this, the protein in 50gm diet and 1800 to 2000 calorie intake will be taken throughout the day. After this one has to follow a routine.


  • Workout is very important – you have to get up from 7 am to 7.30 am. So that you can do walk, workout (swimming, aerobic, running, cycling) or yoga. In fact, it is also important to work out the obesity will not be done by reducing calories. Maintaining body weight is very important. It is necessary to burn 250 to 400 calories daily. Only then will you be able to maintain body weight.
  •  Workout at least 5 days in a week.  After 30 minutes of workout, do special exercises for slip discs for 10 minutes.


  • Only then will the slip disk problem be fixed. In addition, continue to do activities such as walking, stairs, etc. in the office. This will easily burn up to 300-400 calories daily.

If water-uric acid is increased, then take at least 3 to 4 liters of water or Lo sulfated (black or rock salt) scars or liquid diets throughout the day.


Oil- Do not use one of the oils throughout the day. Use 3 table spoon oils throughout the day for food cooking and eating. You can take 1 spoon no ghee or butter, 2 spoons such as oil – mustard oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil or peanut oil.


Daily routine-


  • Drink water from 1 to 3 glasses as soon as you wake up.
  • After the fries, eat 5 almonds, and half a half walnuts, or eat a whole walnut.
  • 40 minutes  workout. These most of the cholesterol will also be less.
  • Take a cup of tea. Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Herbal Tea or Milk T can also be. But boil milk in milk tea separately and boil the remaining ingredients in a cup and then drink it.
  • Take 1 Marie biscuit, rusk or high fiber biscuits with tea. You can eat things like Upma, Poha, Chilla, Bambino, Two White Eggs Without Yoke, Oats, Milk Cornflakes, Serials in Breakfast Time. If your lunch is late, then you can consume two chapati, curd or vegetable.
  • Eggs do not eat more than twice a week. Whatever you are eating should have 25% starch, 25% fruits, 25% weight, and 25% protein. Do not take juice and milk in the breakfast.
  • Butter milk can be taken. Drinks, noodles, macaroni, bread, i.e., made from flour should be eaten less. Yes, if these things are consumed by adding lots of vegetables in a week or so, then there is no problem. Whole wheat bread or multi-bread and can eat.
  • You can do stuffing of vegetables, eggs or paneer in bread. If your travel time is 1 to 2 hours then take any seasonal fruit on the way, but do not eat citric fruits due to uric acid. Black grapes, bananas, litchi, chikoo, mago eat less or do not eat. Eat seasonal fruits.
  • Take a bowl of lentils, a bowl of curry, a bowl of curry and two chapati or a bowl of rice.
  • In the snack, some baby or roosted things such as popcorn, peanut, murmure, baby corn, poha or diet Salty, can eat sattu Take coconut water or fruit if there is no mind to eat.
  • Do not take black grams and sprouts. You can eat spices but eat oil less. Or take a biscuit with tea.
  • If you are reaching home by 9 or 9.30 in the morning, first of all, eat a bowl salad and dinner after some time. Keep two hours gap in gold and food. Eat one or two chapati and vegetables in dinner.
  • If you do not eat chapati then it will run. You can also take some continents.
  • After the dinner, take a walk up to 500 steps.
  • After that you take a cup of unsweetened sugar before sleeping.
  • Milk should be double toned or toned.
  • A fresh potato medium size can be eaten throughout the day.