Tips To Handle You New Born Baby

New Born Baby Care

You have just entered into a new phase of life, parenthood. Being a parent of new born baby is a pleasure as well as chaotic. You have to follow many precautions to protect your baby from diseases and to keep him safe. There are few tips to take proper care of your new born baby.

Holding the right

Holding your new born in a right way is very important. New born baby is very delicate and fragile. While picking up your baby support the head as the neck muscles are not fully developed. Always support with your two hands while carrying your baby ie one on head and another on back.

Choose the perfect baby products

Mothers of smiling babies choose the baby products carefully. While choosing the baby products always read the composition and do not buy products with harsh chemicals because it can cause irritation to your baby.

Soft Clothes for newbies

Your new born is delicate hence clothes become the very important thing to choose carefully. Your baby’s clothes should not be too heavy, sequined and fluffy. Always wash the new clothes before putting on it to your baby. Rub clothes you wish to buy for your child on your face and if your face doesn’t feel any coarseness then it’s fine for your baby too.

Sanitizer for visitors

Children are prone to get infection too quick due to their poor immunity. Whenever someone visit to see your child or anyone coming from outside or any sick people, ask them to sanitize their hands so that you baby can remain protected from ill spreading viruses.

Massage, feed and wipe

Your new born is very close to mother so it becomes the duty of a mother to feed her baby in a right and accurate manner. To comfort your baby give them a soft massage and use wipes every time you clean them to keep their skin soft and supple.

Babies are blessings from heaven and these angels need your attention and affection since their birth.  Take care of your baby in every possible way and see them growing healthy and smiling !!