Top 7 Uses of Vitamin E Capsules For Skin & Hair


Hello readers, we all know that the skin creams enriched with Vitamin E are most beneficial for skin and vitamin E is also plays pivotal role for shiny and thick hair. Here are the top 7 uses of Vitamin E capsules r that will help you to get back the youthful radiance back on your face.

Stretch Marks

Vitamin E capsule extract will help you to get rid of those stubborn stretch marks. All you need is some extract from 1-2 capsules and mix it well with lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your stretch marks and wipe out after 30 minutes and you will see the result within few weeks.


If you are fed up of some old scars and do not want to try another costly cosmetic, then these capsules will do wonders for you..Just get a capsule and apply the liquid on the scar and massage it gently. Your skin will observe the liquid and after few days, scars will be gone.

Crack Lips

All lipsticks and lipgloss have some content of vitamin E, now think about applying the pure vitamin E extract on lips. Exactly, just apply some liquid on your lips and soon the cracked lips will turn into the soft and baby-pink.


These extracts improves the production of collagen in body and thus results in the slow anti-ageing. If you apply the liquid directly on skin then the wrinkles and fine lines will start disappearing within 4 weeks

Grey Hair

If you are suffering from premature greying of hair them these capsules are your saviour. Just mix some vitamin E extract in almond, tea-tree oil or any other essential oil. Apply and massage gently and rinse off the next day. Gradually your hair will return to their natural colour.


Summers cause great harm to skin in form of the sunburns and they actually look really bad on the skin. Ladies who do not go to parlour everyday to get a de-tan facial or bleach. Applying few drops of vitamin E liquid on the uncovered parts of your body and face before going out will lessen the effect of sun rays.

Split Ends

To get rid of the split ends, that are caused by overuse of chemicals and heating products, can be done with the help of these capsules. Mix equal parts of Vitamin E, olive oil, and coconut oil, and apply it on the split ends. Leave it on for an hour and shampoo it. Do this at least thrice a week and you will see the difference.