Most Unique Indian Bride Entry Ideas To Rock


Indian weddings are mixtures of cultures and families. This is a family reunion to celebrate the union of two different families and the bride and groom are always the centre of attraction and we have seen groom’s entry in different ways and of course the Jai Mala, but nowadays, the trends are changed. Modern brides have come out of their conventional stereotypes and want to make their wedding the dream wedding and for this, pre-wedding photoshoot, song shoot, and many things have been added but the most unique is the bride’s entry. Here are amazing bride’s entry ideas to rock the wedding day with your charm.

You & Your Pet

In the hustle bustle of your wedding, your pet feels ignored and frustrated sometimes. Pets do understands feelings and emotions and there will be a sadness of separation from your pet. So, make your pet feel important by making and entry with your cuddling and adorable cute pet.

The Lightening Chaadar

It is an auspicious ritual that the bride should enter the wedding palace under phoolon ki chaadar or the floral sheet, but after Ye Jawani Hai Diwani movie, girls’ want a phoolon ki chaadar lit with the glowing lights. The elegance of bride is multiplied under that shiny bright chaadar.

Princess in Palaki

If you have ever loved the song, Palaki mein hooke swar chali rey,” then you must practise this idea for your wedding. A traditional palaki decorated with flowers will give you a feeling of the princess and queens who used to travel to their in-laws house in palakis. This is something really traditional as well as unique.

Niece/Nephew With Slogan

If you have some little nieces or nephews then you can include them in your bridal entry. Try some slogans like “Here comes your Dulhaniya”, “The bride is on her way” etc. Choose some unique and cute slogans to make your entry memorable.

The Bride With Swag

The brides who love adventure and excitement, wants to stand out-of-the-league should show their swag on wedding day as well. Pick your girl gang and choose your favourite song to dance on. Or you can pick your bike/scooty to enter the room in complete swag