Weird Bans In Countries Around The World


International trips come with fun, adventure and excitement. But sometimes a small mistake and put us into trouble because there are some really weird bans in different countries that we cannot even imagine could have been imposed. Today we gonna find out the weirdest bans that are actually having a sense.

North Korea- Facebook

Doesn’t it seem like a horrible dream. Life without facebook is something we can’t imagine these days but in North Korea the internet facility given to the foreign visitors. The natives of this country are connected through intranet. Internet facility to the Professors and students of  Pyongyang University is given in a special lab but they are afraid to use it. Weird isn’t it. Other countries like China, Iran, Bangladesh and Cuba have also banned Facebook

India- Alcohol Advertisements

In India, the alcohol advertisement is completely ban but the producer companies have find the way out. Surrogate advertising is the way where the companies advertise their products indirectly like Bacardi Blast music CDs and Bagpiper club soda etc.

Coulaines- Spitting

To prevent and protect the people from Swine Flu the mayor of Coulaines banned spitiing. I wish this to be implemented in India too as soon as possible.

Victoria- Never Change Light Bulb

The famous Australian Town Victoria has a weird ban. You cannot change a light bulb untill you are a trained electrician otherwise you will be fined. Quite right as the government does not want its people to die of electric shock.

Milan- Never Frown

The Italian metropolis area Milan has a very cute ban where people are not allowed to frown at all. They have to smile all the time. The hospitals and funerals are exceptions but remember never to frown.

Singapore- No Chewing Gum

Travelling to Singapore, great but just take out all your chewing packs because the government has banned the import chewing gums and if you by mistake spit the gum on the street and be ready to pay the fine.

Capri- No Noisy Footwear

In Capri, the small town of Italy’s Campania Region has a complete ban on the flip-flops and sandals that make noise. You should avoid wearing them in this small beautiful city. Personally even I dont like that irritating sound. Should I plan to shift there?

England- Never Die in Houses of Parliament

In England, a law is passed that prohibits people to die in the Houses of Parliament. The building is considered royal and the people who dies in this building is entitled to state funeral. So just come out and die.

These are few weird bans and lot more to come next Keep supporting.