Will You Dare To Enter These Most Haunted Places of India


India is a land of religious beliefs and people here are very superstitious and believe in supernatural powers. Though science has not come up with any confirmation about ghosts and spirits yet people believe that they do exist and in India we have some really haunted places with aw-striking stories to leave us spell bound. Will you dare to enter these places?

Bhangrah Fort

The most haunted fort of India where it is believed that the spirit of a princess and wizard still roam around the fort. Thus, tourists are not allowed to stay there after sunset and before sunrise. Many news reporters and ghost-hunters tried to solve the mystery but failed. A ghost hunter named Gauravi Tiwari was suspected to be killed by the ghosts and demons because he died few weeks after visiting the Bhangarh Fort and reasons of his death were very unclear.

Dumas Beach

Beaches are often associated with calmness, peace and romance but not this one. Dumas beach of Surat has been used for cremation. People or passersby claimed that they heard some disturbing sounds and noises but there was no one around. This is quite horrifying.

Grand Paradi Towers

This tower of Mumbai witnessed the suicide of many people. A couple named Vasudeo Dalal and committed suicide and wrote a suicide note blaming their son and daughter in law for the reason of their death. The case went to court and on the hearing day the son and his wife along with their daughter found dead in the same way the elderly couple died. After that this many suicide cases happened there making this tower haunted.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

This magnificent architectural building constructed by Maharaja Agrasen is located in Delhi. You will be mesmerised by the architectural beauty of this monument but one more thing and make you shiver is that this place is at the 10th position in the most haunted places of India. It is believed that people were thrown into black water in ancient times and the evilness of their spirits is still lurking around this place.

Dow Hill

Hills can be haunted too and the Dow hills of West Bengal are the example. Many murders were taken place at the hills and people claimed to see headless body walking here and that is something that can give you goosebumps.

Shaniwarwada Fort

Forts, Palaces and Historical monuments have grandeur in them but as we have heard that these were the places where many murders, conspiracies and injustices were planned. Many innocent people were murdered for the sake of power. Similarly when a 16 year old price was given the throne, his uncle’s wife planned to kill him. He ran to his uncle shouting Kaka Mala Vachva but was killed. Till then it is believed that every new moon the same echos surround the fort.


Once a prosperous and well-established village is not ruined and nobody lives here. The village is supposed to be cursed. Once the minister of state Salim Singh fell over heads and ear in love with chieftain’s daughter and to marry her he threatened people that he would double the taxed levied upon them. To save the honour of his daughter the chief along with the villagers left the village curing it for the inhabitants. These villagers were never seen as if they disappeared.

Brij Raj Bhawan

Claimed to be haunted by a British Ghost, this beautiful heritage hotel was once a palace. A  britisher was killed here during 1857 revolt whose spirit is stills roaming in the palace which is witnessed by the visitors.