Its World’ Breastfeeding Week: Know Why its Important?


Motherhood is a heavenly bliss and it bring itself with the pleasure of breastfeeding which is an experience and activity that strengthens the relationship of mother and the child but it has far more benefits psychological as well as biological. Breastfeeding has following benefits for mothers and the infants.


It helps you to reduce the weight you put on during pregnancy. Bread feeding burns calories and helps you to return to your normal weight.

Reduce Breast & Ovarian Cancer Risk

The more a mother breastfeeds her baby the less are the chances of her falling in the traps of breast and ovarian cancer. During breastfeeding estrogens level is low and there is less chance of formation of lining in uterus and there will be no chances of ovarian cancer.

Psychological Health

Breastfeeding mothers are less fallible for panic and anxiety attacks. They are calm and have control over their minds and emotions. It helps them to build a strong connect with their babies

No Type 2 Diabetes

Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and helps you to live a happier and stronger life everyday.