Zika Virus Hits India: Here are the symptoms & Precautions


Zika virus has entred India as confirmed by by WHO. Recently, three cases of Zika virus has been identified in Gujarat. Three pregnant women, who have delivered the healthy babies were identified with Zika virus. Let us know about this extremely dangerous virus and the methods of prevention. The virus is spread through the the bite of infected female Aedes mosquitoes.

Though it is hard to identify the effects of this virus, but mainly it affects the pregnant women. If a pregnant women is caught by this virus during the first trimester of the pregnancy then the baby born suffers from microcephaly in which the infants born with abnormally small heads and brain which is underdeveloped.

It is still not confirmed whether this disease is transmitted through sexual relationship because researchers are trying to find more evidences for the confirmation of the same. Also it is not confirmed that the disease is transmitted through breastfeeding.

The virus can be transmitted through blood but only with infrequent transmission.

Mild fever, skin rashes, fatigue, muscle and joint pain lasting from two to seven days can be the symptoms of Zika virus.

The vaccine for this virus has not been developed yet as said by WHO and it will take at least 2-3 more years to get the vaccination for Zika virus.

The people affected by Zika virus need more fluids and medicines for pain and if the situation worsen then you must seek the medical observation.