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New Born Baby Care

Tips To Handle You New Born Baby

You have just entered into a new phase of life, parenthood. Being a parent of new born baby is a pleasure as well as...
How to reduce bad cholesterol With Strong Super-foods

How to reduce bad cholesterol With Strong Super-foods

Increasingly bad cholesterol is nowadays in lifestyle. Increased bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack. Experts believe that high cholesterol is harmful for...
Basil (Tulsi) and Ginger Tea

Basil (Tulsi) and Ginger Tea helps fight air pollution

With the arrival of high levels of air pollution in Delhi and NCR, the doctors issued health advisories. Doctors have instructed people to avoid...

Skincare Routine For Winters for Glowing Skin Everyday

Hey beautiful ladies, Winter has knocked our doors and the girls and ladies with sensitive ladies are feeling nervous already. We all hate the dry...
reduce bone fat!

Exercise is necessary to reduce bone fat!

Regular exercise is effective in reducing the fat accumulation in bonmaro and it can improve bone quality in weeks. This thing has come out in...
Pregnant women

Pregnant women should definitely do 5 Yoga Poses

Pregnant women have many hormonal changes in the body. The problem of body pain and mood swing is also common. But if women do...
winter fitness tips

8 Quick Tips About How fit in the winter season

The winter season has knocked on the door and with this the fitness routine is inevitable. As the number of celebrations increases, our...
Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) eliminates instant fat

Some time ago, the world's oldest female imam was treated in Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. Bariatric surgery was supported for their treatment. Generally bariatric...
Quickest way to lose weight

Quickest way to lose weight Through Vegetarian Diet

Are you also trying to lose weight? If yes, then you should take vegetarian diet. Yes, according to a recent research, vegetarian diet is...
Top 8 Health benefits of avocado and revive your skin

Top 8 Health benefits of avocado and revive your skin

Avocado is known as "Natural Butter" due to its natural texture. This fruit is rich in nutrients such as vitamins. It contains nutrients like...

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Home remedies to get smooth and soft lips

How to get smooth lips? Home remedies to get smooth and soft lips.

The soft lips raise the personality of your personality. The lip balm is used to get soft lips, but coconut oil, Jojoba oil or...

Tips to manage stress during exams

These days the board examinations are going on, in such a situation, the students are undergoing a lot of anxiety and stress. It is...
best butter chicken in chandigarh

Punjabi butter chicken recipe. Best butter chicken in Chandigarh

For how many people: 8 Preparation time: 10 Minute time: 40 MinuteTotal Time: 50 Minimum level: Medium These dishes prepared in Punjabi Kitchen are famous for many years in...