15 Meaningful French Words Phrases For french Tattoo


Hi Readers and my young friends, tattoo has been making youth crazy these days, but you know whats the most difficult thing about getting a tattoo is to find the design or words that make some sense. No doubts tattoo-artists have great collection of design but having something unique, creative and meaning will definitely gonna stay with you forever. Today I have collected 15 French words and phrases that fulfil the purpose of a meaning and elegant tattoos for boys and girls.

Rien n’est éternel

“Nothing lasts forever” indeed a great phrases. The meaning itself says that in life nothing will last forever whether sorrows or joys. If you feel sad then then tattoo will remind you that the pain and struggles will end because there is nothing everlasting in this world.

Soif de vivre

“Thirst for life” is apt for the person who is very enthusiastic for life and wants to drink every sip of life’s wine. The thirst for life is the reason that a person undertakes hardship to achieve success, satisfactions and goals.

Je ne regrette rien

“I have no regrets” suits the persons who is carefree & optimistic and knows how to life life completely. We should never regret anything in life as it is said that bad experiences give us lessons.

c’est la vie

“It is the life” this small phrase with intensely deep meaning is personally mu favourites. This is the life, the life which has ups and downs, sorrows and joys, failures and achievements, tears and smiles and many other paradoxes. This tattoo will remind you to ease yourself with life. Do not be hard to yourself because that is the life.

tu me fais rire

“You make me smile” If you are engaged, married or deeply in love, then this one is perfect for you. Get this done and shows how he/she makes you smile and what that means to you.

La réponse, c’est l’amour

“Love is the answer” Exactly love is the answer to all the questions and love is all we need in the life. This beautiful quote will give you strength to fight against all the odds to get your love.

libre comme l’air

“Like a free bird” exceptionally suitable for all those who love to live life with freedom and no boundaries. The tattoo of this quote make you feel your wings and the endless horizons to discover. Stay free like a bird and fly high in the sky.

Je suis un rêveur

“I am a dreamer” meant for those who believe in their dreams and strive hard to achieve them. The quote is for all the dreamers who aspire high and never give up on their dreams.

je suis sous le charme

” I am in love” yes yes this one is for all the love birds who want to keep their love hidden yet known to their partners. Get this done and flaunt in style.

Que Sera, Sera 

“Whatever Will Be, Will Be” Yes the famous Madhuri Dixit Song the meaning of which was quite unknown to many is the inspired by this quote. The songs says Que Sera Sera and then love is life and we are careless of the troubles that come in the path. Similarly here whatever will be, will be means be carefree and away from stress. Your destiny will take you wherever it wants you to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.