4 Simple Ways to Avoid Office Politics


Office politics, corporate politics or organization politics is a taboo for many people in which people make strategies to gain advantages in a conflict or clash of opinions. We all come through such politics at any point of time in our life. Sometimes office politics takes a very destructive turn and hampers one’s reputation and efficiency. Getting through these dirty politics is quite tough but here are some practices which can help you avoiding office politics.

Approach the right people with right attitude

Criticizing and backbiting about system and improvements in office is never a solution. Your general discussion regarding work and change in office system can be crucial for you as the same can be interpreted in a negative way by your colleague to your seniors. Keep your tone positive and choose your words carefully. Always try to approach the right person for raising your issues and don’t give any chance to your colleagues to use your words for their benefits.

Be gentle and cordial

Don’t be egoist and arrogant in office. Always be humble and helpful. Be ready to guide juniors and learn from seniors. Avoid being a part of cartel else you can’t save yourself from politics. Be neutral when some heated conversation about any colleague or management is going on. Don’t be a part of any politics and you will be more productive in your work.

Understand your colleagues

Sometimes a very helpful and co operative colleague can be a hidden enemy. Try to keep check on your colleagues and understand their mentality. Don’t share your work, projects and opinion with anyone just because they are nice with you. If still you have become a victim of office politics then don’t lose heart and keep your spirits high.

Hold private conversations

Hold private conversations with the people who are involved. Calmly explain that you expect each employee to do the job he or she was hired for and to stay on task.
Remind your employees that the way they interact with other members of the team will be noted in performance reviews.