5 Best Home Remedies for Natural Pink Lips


Smile is one of the best thing in the world which fades away every problem of the world. Smile looks pretty with teeth as well as your lips too. Teeth and lips both are important part of face which makes it more and more pretty.

Lips the most attractive part of our face and most sensitive too. Every women want to make her lips pink and sexy. The skin on our lips is very different from the skin we have on our face as it is thinner than our facial skin. So, we should take care of our lips so that they look most attractive and pink. it is very easy with some of Natural home remedies to have pink lips and look attractive.Lip care is very important health and beauty routine and you can manage it without spending huge bucks in salons.Just try these simple tips and show the world your beautiful smile with gorgeous pink lips. Home Remedies for Natural Pink Lips:-

Pamper your lips with aloe gel and coconut oil

Aloe vera is one the best thing to use on your lips. Gel of aloe vera with coconut oil have a magical effect when it is applied on your lips which will help in lightening dark lips and helps to make your lips pink.

Honey Lemon for bright smiling lips

Mix Honey and Lemon juice and then apply on your lips then massage gently and wash lips after 10 minutes.This pack will remove dead cells and dirt sitting on your lips leaving it soft and supple.

Make lip balm your BFF
All of us love lipsticks and why not but don’t let your lipstick to harm your precious lips.Add Lip Balm to your daily night skin care routine.Clean your lips and apply Lip Balm.Follow it without a miss and lips will become soft and supple.

Exfoliate-Key to beautiful Lustrous lips
Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips gently. Exfoliation removes the dead skin layers from your lips and reveals the natural shine.You can try DIY exfoliation scrubs made at home and this will feel light on your pockets and beautiful on your lips.

So to maintain the beauty of your pout,just follow a defined lip care routine and make the most of these easy tips.