6 Deepika Padukone Hairstyle To Try This Summer


Hi Beautiful girls and ladies!! Deepika Padukone is one of those actresses in Indian film industry who has been admired for her fashion sense and amazing outfits. Whatever she wears, she elegantly picks up the look and wins every heart, but more than her outfits, what I admire personally is her hairstyles and today I have brought a sneak-peek from the best of her hairdos that you can easily pick this year to rock the weddings, cocktail parties and corporate events. Let’s have a look..

Puff with Ponytail

This simple yet classy look is ideal for college or office going girls and ladies. This simple hairstyle takes only 5 minutes to do and stays all the day. Pick this style for your everyday look and Deepika has repeatedly seen in this hairstyle with little variance.

Loose Front Fishtail

A cute girl hairstyle that you can depict for your young daughter or any college going girl who is looking for some change in hairstyle can choose this fishtail with loos front. The front look is ideal for girls with wide forehead. This is one of the best hairstyles for some outing, picnic or movie date as it goes with all Indian as well as western outfits.

The Messy Fishtail

Cute, sexy, alluring and a hairstyle with less-efforts is the messy fishtail. This is one of the easiest to do hairstyles and goes well with your t-shirts, tees and tunics. It is like just wake up with some wavy hair, tie your hair into a side-fishtail and you are ready to roam with your friends.

Flower Bun

An evergreen, endlessly elegant and sophisticated flower bun is the one for all the traditional functions, spiritual occasions and wedding events. Deepika has kept her front hair look similar to the ponytail and the back hair tied into a bun gives a great look. So ladies now you know what hairdo to choose for your saries.

The Waves

Flaunt you long hair with some waves using curling machine. Split your hair from middle and just roll them from the bottom to the mid-length. This style can be stolen for the Saturday night parties, a romantic date or corporate dinner.

Side Front Rolling Braid

Perfect to choose for your day-to-day life, office look and some summer parties. This side braid from front and some waves at the bottom are the stylish and easy look to depict from this leading Bollywood actress