8 Alia Bhatt Inspired Hairstyles For College Girls


Hey Ladies and Girls

Alia Bhatt, in this very young age has emerged as a superstar. She is indeed a great actress, super dancer and a style diva as well. She, with her super cute smile and killer style is slaying the youngsters. She is inspiring all college going girls and today  I have collected some super cute and easy hairstyles for the college going girls that will help them to slay all day.

1. Half Ponytail

This is super easy and highly stylish, just tie half of your crown hair into a high ponytail and let the leftover hair wavy and open. You can also use curling iron to get some light natural curls and you are ready to go.

2. Broad Pouf With Open Hair

Isn’t she killing in this hairstyle. Obviously yes! Just use your crown area to make a broad pouf. No need to be perfect. Just use two-three bobby pins to hold the pouf and just leave rest of the hair.

3. The Side Braids

A perfect party hairstyle is here. Use your front hair to make two-three thin braids and tie them behind your ears using bobby pins and iron rest of the hair to make them straight. This is a really cute and easy.

4. Two Childhood Braids

This will remind you of your childhood or school days but using this old-school hairstyle for your college in a more stylish way by tying your hair in two braids starting from the front and use some cute rubberbands at the end and get set go!!!

5. One-sided Messy Bun

When you are running late for your class, just make a rolling string using front hair and then make a side messy bun using some bobby pins and this looks super-stylish all day and it takes only 3-4 minutes.

6. The Half Bun

Simple easy and best for the third day of your hair-wash. All you need to do is to make a a half messy bun using thick rubber bank and then pull out some baby hair from front and let the waves slay all day.

7. The Curls With Band

If you are a curly-hair girl then no need to worry. Let your waves do the talking just by adding two side-braids and making a hairband with those braids. This style can be picked for any evening, outing or picnic.

8. Sleek & Simple

This simple and sleek hairstyle is the best for everyday or any party as well. Using your front hair for making rolls from both sides and tying them at the behind the first step. Secondly use the remaining hair to make a side braid or leave them open.