How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Your Face?


Donning sunglasses during the daylight is highly recommended by many Optometrist. They protect eyes from harmful sun rays,blue light and decreases the danger of  cataracts and macular degeneration this is why Sunglasses  should be a must have part of our wardrobe.It doesn’t only protect our eyes but also gives a stylish look.Some people compare sunglasses with eyeshadow as both make looks pretty and younger.

Style, safety and comfort with sunglasses

Eyes,the most delicate and beautiful part of our body.Being a sensitive part it needs special care and hygiene.Sunglasses are not mere for fashion,for eye care they are extremely important.Sunglasses cuts the brightness and glare ,it helps people with better and comfortable visual ability.Always buy sunglasses that blocks 99 percent UVB rays.

Different face cuts and different sunglasses

Selecting the ideal sunglasses according to your face cut is not so easy,So how can you find out which shades will suit you the best?? First of all you have to find out your face cut type.You can seek suggestion from your friend or can draw a line with pencil around your face and can check if your face is heart,round,oval or of square shape.Now after finding your face shape,you can proceed for choosing the sunglasses for you

Be Proud you got a Heart shaped face

Wider at the brows and narrow at the chin.Owning a heart shape face is not so common.As these faces are wider on the brows side so heart shaped people should choose frames which are wider than your forehead or cat eyes shades.You ca. Choose various style for this face as it’s very versatile and to soften your looks choose light colored or flowery frames.

Square face Mingles well with round frame-

If your forehead and jaws are equal in length and width with square or flat chin than you have a square face. Oval and round frames suit these faces better.Right proportion of curved and rounded corners will soften your looks .

Plumpy Fleshy Round Face 

If you have been mistaken younger than your age due to your baby face than you have round shaped face.Baby face is same in length and width,sometimes cheekbones can be wider.Jawline is full and round.So you need to choose sunglasses which will deflect the roundness of your face ,give your cheekbones slimmer look.Rectangular and angular frames will be a safe choice.Apart from these try printed,bright colored shades which details your brows.

Oval face and go with any sunglasses

Strong jawline and broad forehead,thin and long face is generally denoting oval face.Choosing the sunglasses for oval face is the easiest task.Almost all types of shades suit this face,However wide sunglasses can do wonders on your face,but don’t be so skeptical because anything will go well,trust us!