Home Remedies To Brighten Up Dark Underarms At Home


Summer means sexy shorts, sleeveless tops and cool dresses but what about those dark armpits. After all we are not celebs who get their underarms layered with make up. Dark underarms are actually the results of shaving or using hair removal creams, but you know what is the relaxing thing, you can get rid of these dark armpits at homes without spending hours at beauty salon or spending your hard-earned money.

Lemon, Sugar, Honey

As we all know, lemon has the bleaching effects, antiseptic and anti becterial qualities and targets effectively on the darkened skin.  Cut a small wedge of lemon and apply the juice on the underarms. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash with cold water. Apply some moisturiser as lemon can dry up your skin. The another way is the sprinkle some sugar on lemon and rub it on the dark areas then wash. You can also add honey, turmeric powder or yogurt in lemon juice to be applied on the dark underarms


The acidic quality of potato has bleaching agents but  does’t cause irritation. Take a think slice of potato and rub on the underarms and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Clean with cold water. Use of potato juice can be effective too. Using thing daily of thrice a week will show magical results.

Baking Soda

Turn this basic kitchen ingredients into an exfoliating scrub. Mix baking soda with water and make a thick paste. Apply this scrub to your underarms and wash off after 5 minutes. Repeat the process twice a week and see the results yourself.


The process I mentioned with potato can be similarly done with cucumber. Either apply the cucumber slice directly on the affected area or mix the cucumber juice with honey/turmeric powder to get better results.

Readers, these are very effective and natural ways to just flaunt your beauty in the summer dresses without hesitation and being worried about those dark underarms. Try them  out and leave your experiences in the comment section.