5 Daily essentials Nutrients to keep body hydrated


Hey people!!!! Life has been running with the speed of a bullet train, but do you realise even a train asks for fuel or energy-supply to keep itself running so that your body. Our body is 75% of water but do we really listens to its call for water that keeps our circle going and our batteries charges. Today we will discuss 5 essential things that keep your body hydrated all day long in the approaching summer season.

Filtered Water

Water!! The nectar and of course the the basis of our life. Our body needs at least 8 litres of water but we generally forget to take the required amount of water. So use technology, I meant your phone. Set reminders according to your desired intervals and here you will never skip to drink water anymore.

Coconut Water

The refreshing, south Indian drink is the most rocking idea for the summer to keep the water balance at pace. This South-Indian thing is now available in all parts of India so grab one everyday from the closest vendor and stay charged.


This is the most favorite thing of all the Indians from childhood to being the grandparents. We just can resist this thing. We suggest you to go sugar free as you don’t get time to burn those calories. Add some Sugar Free drops or honey in your lemonade and let it slip down your throat.

Energy Drinks

To bear the hectic daily routine, gym exercises and jogging we all need some energy. There is a plenty of energy drinks in market. Pick the one that suits your body-requirements and add this drink to your gym bag or office-bag.

Fruits with H2O

Add some water-enriched fruits in your daily life. Get your tiffing stuffed with some watermelon, melons, strawberries, peach or pineapple whatever easily available near your. All you need to do is to mark quickly run your knife on them and encase them into tiffing. Keep munching these tiny hyderators all day.